We enable communities to benefit from

the commercial value of their ideas.

We help businesses realize the competitive advantage of IP protection.

We educate start-ups and MSMEs about Intellectual Property, help them write and prosecute their applications, and create a commercialization plan for their IP.

We partner with the local R&D community to create the best protection for their innovation.

We have written hundreds of patent applications to protect ideas of local inventors from all over the country and many of them are already granted.

We work with inventors, designers, and artists to protect their craft.

IP is also important for artists, content creators, and product designers. Whether their outputs are products with aesthetic features, a statue, a film, or musical composition, IP protection is afforded to them.

Our Advocacy

We believe that Filipino IP can go global so we help create for our clients the best path for commercialization and IP protection of their ideas.

How can we help you?


Pinoy IP Works @ Manila FAME 2019

Last April 25-27, 2019 our team from Pinoy IP Works – Fortun Narvasa & Salazar participated in the Manila FAME trade show. Manila FAME is a bi-annual premier design and lifestyle event that showcases craftsmanship,


What is the worth of a patent for a startup?

Main points: The possibility of financing increases for a startup with an initial patent granted at least in the US and European experience. Few AI startups file patents but the big technology companies see their

computers in the office



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