We provide excellent services for your IP needs.

Our services include patent or trademark search, patent drafting, copyright registration, trademark registration, and technology valuation.

For patentability, we conduct prior art search to verify and validate the novelty, inventiveness, and technical applicability of a disclosure. Once we assess the patentability, we recommend a reasonable course for application. 

Our expertise also allows us to update you on current and known trends that are both relevant and constructive to your idea.



Prior Art

Evaluate the novelty and inventiveness of your idea with a comprehensive search and comparison of your IP with the existing ones

State of the Art

Get a list of related literature that serve as foundational reference for your technology


Invalidate the IP application of other entities with an exhaustive search and comparison of their claims with those of existing patents

Freedom to Operate

Find out the risk of infringement before you set out to commercialize

Patent Application


Patent Drafting

Your patent application drafted accordingly to maximize possibility of grant

Rights Maintenance

Keep track of your annuities and dues payments to maintain your patent rights once granted

Filing via PCT

File your patent application in multiple jurisdictions via the Patent Cooperation Treaty system

Trademark Application


Trademark Registration

Register your mark or renew your registration to be afforded protection

Rights Maintenance

Get help in keeping track of filing the Declaration of Actual Use to maintain your mark

Filing via Madrid

File your patent application in multiple jurisdictions via the Madrid system



Response to Office Action

We respond to actions by the examiner on your patent or trademark application in a timely and accurate manner

IP valuation


Valuation of intangible assets

Have a good grasp of the value and importance of your intangible assets before entering into licensing negotiations or commercialization

IP Due Diligence

Create an audit for the different intangible assets that you own or have rights to and find out their value


Get expert advice on the best route for commercialization of your IP



We train lawyers and individuals who are interested to become IP practitioners. Our trainings include basic patent drafting, prior art search, and fundamentals of IP rights.

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